July 5th, 2007

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Trail namedropping

This post is mostly a note to self, though I figured I'd share it in case anyone's interested ...

Did a little bit of websearching today to see how 2007's crop of PCT hikers is coming along. The snowpack was horribly low, so it was probably a brutal desert year ... some July 4 journal entries were already being posted from South Lake Tahoe rather than Independence (about 250-300 trail miles difference), and even the Tahoe hikers didn't seem like the front of the pack.

Be that as it may, I got diverted into a websearch on my own trail name. You know how that goes. :) And I found myself name-dropped a few times in last year's write-ups ...

* Hellkat and I traded photos at Eagle Rock. (Here's the one he took of me.)

* I caught up to Mama and Chia at Deep Creek Hot Springs (ref.: my THGTTPTC entry), and once again the day before leaving for my BayCon break. After hanging out at the Silverwood picnic area together, I stayed behind a little to eat a solid meal, wash my socks, and write in my journal. I night-hiked up the ridge to catch up with them -- over the course of my trip, I got to be scary good at stumbling across fellow hikers in the middle of the night. The next day we ended up at Interstate 15 together, where I bid them a good hike (and never saw them again, due to plenty of fun giardia delays on my part). And lest you wonder how two vegetarians could end up at a McDonald's, here's one mystery solved.

* From Girl Scout's Big Bear City name-drop, I learned that one of my fellow hikers got some trail magic by stumbling across a movie shoot.

* Doug never mentioned the poop during our day of hiking camaraderie over Forrester Pass. I guess I can't blame him.

* And, technically, I didn't get name-dropped in this one -- but I also discovered that even if I hadn't come home to surprise Kady for July 4, I still would have had a hell of a tale to tell. It would have been cool to take part in that -- I'm just going to have to get out on the trail again sometime so I can join in on a similarly awesome story. :)

* I need to buy Still Walking. Considering that it's all footage from 2006, I might even be in it.

* Saving the best for last: Someone snapped a cameo of my favorite trail delivery. Awwwwwww! :)
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