August 12th, 2007

Bax as Aryan youth

Movie reviews: Go watch Stardust.

Among the distractions keeping me away from Livejournal lately (though certainly not the biggest of them) have been a few trips to the local movie theater. Here summarized briefly for your convenience.

The verdict: A+. A solid A+. Not since The Matrix have I been so thrilled with a movie that I want to immediately go and watch it again.
The good: Neil Gaiman. Good script based (loosely) on a good book. Hit the right notes with the audience. Captain Shakespeare. And (I do not exaggerate) the BEST MOVIE SWORDFIGHT IN YEARS. Yes, even counting kung fu flicks.
The bad: Makes you stop and wonder why "Mirrormask" couldn't be this good.

The verdict: B+. Not just for kids and chefs, though the latter will appreciate its kitchen subtleties.
The good: Beautifully animated action sequences. One or two golden moments where reality triumphs over movie cliche.
The bad: Not stellar, but no specific complaints.

The Bourne Ultimatum
The verdict: C-. See below.
The good: Fast, tense action sequences -- with no soundtrack; hurrah! Why don't more action movies do this?
The bad: I'd love to fairly evaluate this movie, but it very literally gave me motion sickness, and I'm not a person who normally has that problem. Oh, gods, the shakycam. I'm renaming this one "The Bourne Witch Project."
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