August 16th, 2007

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From the vaults: Loren Eiseley, and connections

Stumbled across this today while searching my hard drive for some other old writings. I never datestamped the essay, but it's from my college days, which puts it at about a decade old.

It's an homage to one of my favorite writers, written not only about him but in his style. Though there are a few things about it I'd change today, I've presented it unedited.

We refuse to consider that in the old eye of the hurricane we may be, and doubtless are, in aggregate, a slightly more diffuse and dangerous dragon of the primal morning that still enfolds us.
-- Loren Eiseley, "The Hidden Teacher"

* * *

You probably know that I'm a dragon -- I'm relatively public about it, and I doubt you'd be reading this without knowing something about its author. I'm quite serious about my inner draconity, and I'm quite bitter at being stuck in this bipedal, earthbound form. If I had the chance to switch back to what I feel is my true body, I'd do so in an instant. But I've got a confession to make.

Sometimes I envy humanity.

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