September 22nd, 2007

What's my line? (pic by Kinkyturtle)

The sandwich shop is o-pun

kadyg just graduated from cooking school* and opened up our new business! Unfortunately, some clod (*coughs, looks away*) left the sandwich names off of the menu; all I have are the ingredients and some eclectic pop culture knowledge. Can you help us out?

1. Spam, turkey, and Swiss cheese on French toast, deep fried

2. A hot dog, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing, served open-faced on rye bread

3. Hamburger meat and American cheese on grilled rye bread - and when it arrives, your waiter forces you to march it back to the kitchen

Extra Credit (a toughie; hints in comments):
    4. Bread, coal, lettuce, bread, tomato, blood, and bread, held together with a toothpick and served with bottles of Budweiser and Heineken on the side

NOTE: Comments will contain solutions and/or spoilers! (The checkmark next to the number indicates someone has solved it.)

* Not really. She finishes in March.
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