October 26th, 2007

facepalm: it's what's for dinner

Please stand by

We are experiencing ( technical difficulties ). Dealing with today's DSL switchover here at the International House of Ninja is turning out to be a much bigger hassle than expected. Your Baxil will return shortly.

At least I've now got some detailed notes on ...

Steps for switching a Speedstream 5100 to our company's Internet service

  1. Log in to Click to edit configuration.
    1. Enter the "Modem Access Code" printed on the bottom of the device.
      1. ... Which is set in the firmware and shouldn't be changeable.
    2. Enter the "Modem Access Code" again because it's not accepting it.
    3. Assume firmware corruption. Find "Factory Reset" link.

  2. Reset the modem.
    1. Repeatedly.
    2. ... With a large hammer.
    3. Finish cursing. Locate hardware reset switch on underside of device.

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