October 29th, 2007

geekier than thou

Epic Gaming Tales -- CSI: Luvine, Episode 1

Greg's Cabin
8:12 p.m.

The rhythm of the knocking was urgent, though with an odd hesitation. I opened the door. It was my nephew, Jonas. ... Again.


"Er, uncle," he said, clearly far more uncomfortable than could have been explained by the earlier accident. "The constable asked me to come fetch you."


"Well, it kind of started after Prostration. Simon --" my other nephew -- "came and found me. Us. He was worried, and so we followed Simon into the woods." Jonas fidgeted, and I noticed the bandages on his arm. "When we got to the scene, the mountain lion was dragging the body off into the woods, but broke off and attacked us. When we killed it, we realized it had torn his throat out. So we all ran back to town and got the constable, who took a good look at the scene and decided he wanted your help figuring it out."

"Alright." I grabbed my cloak from behind the door, along with a few weapons and woodsman's tools. Constable Noname* had called on my well-trained eyes before.

Jonas shifted. "You see, we're not sure it was the cougar that killed him."


"Well, yeah. Simon did see him chasing that stranger away from the house. Maybe that's the guy who killed dad."

"... WHAT? My brother's dead?!"

Jonas cringed. We ran to the crime scene in silence.

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