November 2nd, 2007

distributed postmodern agitprop

throwaway mini-rant

What is it about modern consumer operating systems that has cast the perfectly useful idea of "version number" into disfavor?

I mean, it's bad enough that Windows gave it up after Y2K ... ME, XP, and now Vista (née Longhorn, aka Aero).

... But Apple? Okay, seriously, guys: Enough is enough. Yes, the cat thing was cute. But it's overstayed its welcome. There's no logic to it, just cute, and cute isn't a good enough concept for things that are supposed to be released in a specific forward progression.

When even the people providing support for your products have to look it up -- and when virtually every customer with the OS refers to it with the more useful "OS 10.X" designation -- you need to give up the pretense.

I mean. Really:

Cheetah < Puma < Jaguar < Panther < Tiger < Leopard

Is that supposed to make any sort of sense?

(... Is that a value judgment on the worth of particular cat species? Are you oppressing my cheetah brethren?)

Not to mention, you're running out of cat names. What will you do then? Are we going to see the following releases in the next few years --

10.6 Lion
10.7 Ocelot*
10.8 The OS We Were Going To Name Lynx Except The Name's Been Taken
10.9 Colocolo
10.10 Margay, And We Promise We're Not Reaching
10.11 Asian Palm Civet, Which Is A Cat, We Swear!
10.13 Lion-O
10.12 Catwoman**
10.14 Tigatron
10.15 Garfield®

Please, stop. For the sake of the children, don't let it go that far.

EDITED TO ADD: Now with bonus tech support griping in the comments!

* Insert Metal Gear pun here. (Or just go read this excellent webcomic.)
** If you clicked through from there to the image of the comic book page, here is a better scan of the first frame. Yes, that really is Batman saying "Quiet or Papa spank!"***
*** Anyone willing to make a good LJ icon of this (probably involving Photoshopping it to cram the text closer in; and/or cutting it up into an animated GIF) will earn 20 Baxil Points, redeemable for fine Baxil merchandise at Baxils everywhere.