November 9th, 2007

pronking sussuration (pic by waywind)

server issues

Tomorrowlands is temporarily down. Any urgent e-mail should go to baxildragon .at gmail dot-com.

Fortunately, I learned my lesson from last time. I have a full remote backup (from about eight hours ago, in fact) in case the server problem turns out to be more permanent.

(And if I were really an awesome, with-it webmaster obsessed over my personal site, I could probably even set up some sort of failover. Seeing as how I'm now working at an ISP and all.)
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Redtail - bird face

Here's one for the Friday night crowd

Please indulge my curiosity on something ...

If I had never presented myself as a dragon -- if there was nothing to indicate my species identity anywhere online -- and if I mentioned one day that I'd discovered my true inner species, what would you guess I am?

No right answers* or wrong answers**; I'm just wondering how I present. Explanations welcome but not necessary.

If you ask, I'll answer the same question for you.

* This is based on a similar thread in a friend's journal. But mine is totally hypothetical.
** If you really can't see me as anything besides a dragon, that's OK too. But explain why. :-)
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