December 3rd, 2007

geekier than thou

Epic Gaming Tales -- CSI: Luvine, Episode 4


** WARNING ** - Contains brief scenes of graphic violence.

Interrogation Tent
3:16 p.m.

"My lord!" he pleaded, wrestling against the ropes holding him to the table, face pale and glistening with cold sweat. "I turned myself in to the Guard! I swore I would tell you all I know! Have mercy!"

I picked up a slender knife from the small tray at his side, wiped it against my smock to clear the blood away, and held it up contemplatively. "Indeed you did," I said calmly. "You turned yourself in to the Priory Guard. Strange behavior for an admitted slave trader, wouldn't you say?"

He began whimpering at the sight of the knife. "Please, lord. Please."

"And indeed you shall tell us all you know," I said. I leaned over the table and looked into his eyes. "Start with this, Aerik. What are the names of your three friends -- the ones you say you saw on the ridge?"

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