December 9th, 2007

What's my line? (pic by Kinkyturtle)

Hours worked: 2. Motorcycles seen: 1,700. Old Ones defeated: 1.

Previous post aside, I've had a full weekend. kadyg came home from school, we took our cat Ocras to the vet again (and determined, sadly, there are some permanent kidney problems that we'll need to deal with for the rest of his life), and then I got called in to work to fix someone else's mess that was preventing the restaurant management software from booting.

I left the house expecting that a simple reboot of both machines would do the trick and that I'd be home in five minutes. It took two hours. About a quarter of which was sitting in traffic. They called me in exactly as the local toy run roared through town, and I happened to unwittingly drive to work on the route they were using. So I got the privilege of sitting on the side of the road and taking in the festivities as 1,700 motorcycles drove past.

At least I got home in time for krinndnz's visit. Among the things I learned: If you're going to try to save 1926 Arkham from certain doom, try to save it from the ultimate destruction of Azathoth rather than the cruel enslavement of Chthulu. Because, man, Chthulu really sucks to fight against. (Speaking of which, guys: This is the song that I spontaneously rolled out as we were setting up the board. :-))

Edited to add: And I would like to officially award Krinn 10 Baxil Points for the coolest line of the weekend. As a self-introduction to roaminrob, Krinn said cheerfully, "Hi! I'm from the Internet!"

(I tried very hard to resist the temptation to add: "Krinn's here to glue captions to our cats." I failed.)