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A few random thoughts

  • For no apparent reason, I have had the word "spondyliosis"* stuck in my head today.
  • I'm posting this from Netscape 4 -- because I borrowed Brainstorm's USB keyboard for one of the classic Macs that roaminrob, Aaron and I set up for a mini-LAN party over the weekend, and I'm too lazy to switch it back out.
  • Marathon netplay is actually as much fun as I remember it being. And now that Aleph One is bringing the fun to everyone instead of the universe's six oldskool Mac gamers, I really ought to share my collection of maps that defy the laws of time and space.**
  • I had so much fun with our Marathon LAN party that I spent the rest of the weekend making a new netmap.**** Hopefully can put the finishing touches on it in the next day or two and get back to my life.
  • I'm happy to report that, even though my browser's old enough to t hink "CSS" is a branch of the German secret police, Livejournal is letting me log in and post just fine. Yay Livejournal!

* Which isn't even the real word -- it's spelled "spondylosis". And, no, it hasn't come up in conversation recently; it just jumped in at random.
** Most notably, the "Pentathings" levels, which are built on a circular arena with five central corridors that repeatedly criss-cross each other even though they have no actual intersections. Also the "Popcorn Popper," which accomplished a truly insane feat of engineering: the level is three rings around a central pit, all of which simultaneously overlap the same 3-D space (and ring the same pit) while existing in different dimensions from each other.***
*** And people wonder where my reputation for dimensional cheese came from.
**** Sadly, no dimensional cheese this time. It's called "Pfhormandy," and your fight centers around a ship that's just come ashore on a broad plain surrounded by canyons. And bunkers. Which you can airstrike (and they can airstrike you back). This is no small feat considering Marathon has no artillery weapons or explosion-creating events.


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