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February 13th, 2008

February 13th, 2008
05:23 pm
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Or maybe it was interrupting zombies?
Wow. I just got the weirdest tech support voicemail.
"Hello, my name is M--- S-----, and I live in Lake Wildwood. I have a computer, and it's not -- I can't -- it's got a blue screen, and --" *suddenly hangs up*
Computer ate them. :(
"Open the drive a: doors, HAL."
"I can't do that, Dave."


And speaking of Krinn, here's your tiger QOTD, from a great post (read the whole thing for context; totally sfw) about Tintin, national myths, and the landmines of history:
Rule 34 only ruins icons of your childhood if you're afraid of sex.

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09:24 pm
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Quick take: "The L33t Starfighter"
"The Last Starfighter" satire fanfic, based on discussion in this f-locked post about hacking "Starfighter" to beat it.

(ETA: Gods. How is it possible that I am the first person to riff on this theme? The Internet was supposed to contain everything, dammit!)


The monotone voice again: "A candidate has qualified."

Centauri stared at the screen, muttered something unintelligible, and hit the space bar to acknowledge. "Weapons guidance hack?"

"Affirmative," his computer answered.

"Auto-steer cheat?"


"Faked lag evasion?"


Centauri rolled his eyes. "Bring him up."

It's not longCollapse )

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