April 7th, 2008

wild child smiled

Well, it was funny at 4:30 AM

IM convo between roaminrob and I as we're trying to mash the last bugs out of the new mailserver. Context: At this point we're trying to manually wade through a number of user e-mail accounts on the system that didn't get transferred to the new box correctly, to determine whether they're in active use or need to be shut down.

Bax: (spoken) *snerk*
Rob: (spoken) What's so funny?
Bax: # alias eat='su -s /bin/sh -c "pine -p ~nccnuser/.pinerc"'
Bax: I did this just so I could type
Bax: # eat squid
Rob: # eat squid & die;
Bax: # eat sent-mail
Bax: Hey, look, I'm Microsoft Exchange!
(The joke refuses to get old, but does turn off-color)
Bax: # eat cowboy
Bax: Starring Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal.
Rob: D-:
(Finally culminating in:)
Bax: Oh great.
Bax: The worst yet:
Bax: # eat peter
Rob: Dude.
Bax: And the worst part?
Bax: He's never used it.
Rob: Well, he has now!!
Bax: Yes, except we're about to cut it off D:
(We both bust out laughing.)
Bax: (spoken) Oh, this is so going on Livejournal.