April 22nd, 2008

pronking sussuration (pic by waywind)

Still not dead

Updates, or fragments of updates, or updates of fragments:
  1. Somebody shoot me now: My "two-weekend" third job, covering for the departure of a paginator at a local newspaper, metamorphosed into four weekends, then eight. Now their top candidate to fill the position fell through, and I'm being told that they need me until at least late May.

    I can't leave until they find a new designer; I can't drop hours at job #2 because the only other person doing my job is quitting; and I can't drop hours at job #1 because the only other person doing my job is quitting.

    It's only by the (strained and deteriorating) grace of roaminrob that I'm able to work six days a week right now instead of seven. My social life isn't completely on hold, but it's on life support. And I haven't touched my friends list this month.

  2. "Day 34. Cops still bored."[*]: Got pulled over by law enforcement today for pulling into a parking space. Did you know that (in California at least) it's illegal to make any U-turns in a business district, except at properly labeled intersections? (I know this, because he said I looked skeptical and showed me the relevant passage in his copy of the Vehicle Code.) This includes pulling into a parking space on the opposite side of the road.

    Fortunately, I was either polite enough and/or sincere enough in my protestations of ignorance that he let me off with a warning. At least now I know that our roads are safe from the vile and pernicious evil of business-district u-turn scofflaws.

  3. First-world problems: There is one fringe benefit to working ridiculous hours -- money to spend. Bought the copy of "Rock Band" I've had my eye on since winter, and have been vainly trying to find both time and friends to enjoy it with.

    There is one aggravating thing about Rock Band: ARRRRGGH HARDWARE. I was already aware that you can't use Guitar Hero controllers with it (short version: Activision sucks donkey balls and I'm not picking up any GH games). But it turns out you can't use Rock Band controllers with it, either. I currently have three guitars in my house, at most one of which works*, and have just returned a fourth dead guitar to the store. I'm sure it's a lovely game and I really look forward to playing it. Someday.

  4. Content stolen from the Internet dept.: "And there were dragons in the earth in those days."

* One official Rock Band guitar, DOA. One official replacement Rock Band guitar, unusable because I own a PS2 and they sent me an Xbox 360 guitar (not cross-compatible, and it took me a week of research to realize that). One third-party Psyclone Kingmaker guitar, recently returned to store because whammy bar died within a week. One third-party Psyclone Kingmaker guitar, new, still in box. Moral: Using equipment produced by the lowest bidders make the baby Jesus cry.