May 7th, 2008

go cry emo lake

Dear life, still miss you. Signed, me

Hey, looks like this Internet thing is still on.
  1. Gratuitous Icon Post: Lake Emo Lake Valley Reservoir*, near Truckee, Calif., just begged for this. Anyone know of any happy-face bodies of water? I foresee great success for LOLakes.

  2. The end is in sight: I just gave notice at job #2. I doubt that'll get me back any time until after Memorial Day, but moving forward that'll allow me to really streamline my schedule. (tired cheer)

  3. Waiting for the upgrade: I've just been informed** by the Microsoft Knowledge Base that "Tad's Mouth Doesn't Move" when he speaks. No known workarounds. Well, crap! You'd think with nine months in their testing cycle, my parents could have caught that one before it shipped.

  4. A modest proposal: roaminrob made the mistake of exposing me to the Screaming Frog very shortly after I discovered Cat Yodeling. And now I know what must be done.

    The world needs a Screaming Frog/Yodeling Cat duet remix.

    I recommend using them both as backing vocals for Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

  5. Your Baxil has evolved: Comedian Eddie Izzard famously has drawn the distinction between "executive transvestites" and "fvcking weirdo transvestites." Pace Eddie, I'm pretty sure I completed my transition a week and a half ago to Executive Dragon.

    It went something like this:

    Saturday: Spent the afternoon in the close company of a dozen topless pagan women (and almost as many men), capping off a ritual to Dionysus with an afternoon of overtly sexual competitions.
    Sunday: Went home and assembled an investment portfolio.***

    Both, for the record, were firsts for me.

(Edited to add: I'm not trying to imply that Saturday was a "weirdo dragon" day. No no no. Random pagan debauchery is good. More like, I'm an executive dragon because I can both do these things and blend in conventionally with some measure of objective success.)

* Enter "39.307,-120.585" without the quotes in Google Maps for original. Although I used Mapquest's satellite view for this icon; the color was better.
** Via the hilarious "Funny Microsoft Q Articles" compilation.
*** If you should find yourself in a similar position -- the entire U.S. market is taking a thorough beating right now. I, and my financially savvy father, recommend fleeing into commodities (especially energy) and foreign bonds. Right now, the dollar's in a slight rally, so it's a good time to buy in. The underlying structure of the economy is such that painful inflation is basically inevitable.