May 12th, 2008


The era of American exceptionalism is over (part 253 in a continuing series)

Massive earthquake shakes China [5/12/08]: Within the day, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao -- who is a geologist by training -- is personally on site to supervise rescue efforts and shout words of encouragement to trapped students.

Massive hurricane floods New Orleans [8/29/05]: Bush plays guitar, Condi goes shoe shopping, and the FEMA head jokes about being trapped in his office. (The timeline throws it into even sharper relief.)


I had to focus on China to draw the contrast, but let's not forget the crisis in Burma, either. The toll's in the tens of thousands and rising fast. Their leaders are useless, and pure dumb luck is also hampering relief efforts.

Both countries need significant and ongoing relief aid. ICRC, or Mercy Corps, or feel free to suggest other/better aid organizations in comments.
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Fun with headlines

Ah, the life of a paginator. I can do without the daily deadline pressure, but there are some parts I've missed.

Like laying out today's Annie's Mailbox advice column on the page. For space reasons, we just ran the final two letters -- from vampire fans who met their spouses via that corner of the Internet, a little peeved at Annie's earlier joke at vampire chat rooms' expense.

For one thing, the exchanges were remarkably cordial (at least compared to the screaming dramafests that usually occur whenever mainstream media catches wind of us oddballs). But also because I got to write the headline:

"When love bites: Vampire fans weigh in"


Then there was this story, on today's front page. Nickel summary: A new stretch of the American River has been opened to river rafters, who are discovering that the formerly secluded stretch of water is home to a gay nude beach.

Alternate (rejected) headline: "Boaters now penetrating gay hidey-holes"

Heh. *cough* Ahem. Anyway. Who says small-town papers don't cover hard news?

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