June 20th, 2008

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What the hell is this about?

There's a blog collecting examples. (Edited to add: This made me laugh hardest.)

If you want to make one, I don't think all of these have been done yet. (ROFLBot FTW.)

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punitive damages (pic by me)

Let's see YOU work "Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening" in there :-p

Newest addition to the ticket queue, based on a phone conversation with "FROST ROBT K ":
6/20 TR - Robert Frost called in and needs some computer support.

After a long time being Acquainted With The Night, his computer went Out, Out, and now turns on with great Reluctance. Before he gives it a Home Burial, or retires it out to The Pasture, he wants to drive The Road Not Taken (from Sierra City into Nevada City) and run it by The Mending Wall.

Now, we're Stars of the internet fixing world, but the problem with The Code of his operating system is Neither Out Far Nor In Deep in our specialty. If he were to Come In to us, we might be here until October reinstalling Windows XP. I referred him to The Black Cottage across the highway and gave him Clientworks' number. They have Good Hours and the Dedication to fix his failing-to-boot problem.


Some say his OS will end in upgrades,
Some say in bugs.
From what I have seen of Windows
I hold with those who favor woes.

But if equipment is replaced,
I've seen enough of Plug and Play
To say that endless hardware hacks
Will make him bray
And buy a Mac.

Clearly, I am far too bored today and need to find some billing to enter into the system.