September 1st, 2008

generic lament

Hand-posted because LoudTwitter fails

8/29 12:08 P.M.: I'm setting this up as an experiment: will I write more to my journal if I have a place to put thoughts that don't rate a post of their own?

8/29 12:15 P.M.: Such as - Never mind the talking dog. The REAL mystery of "Scooby Doo" is how two preppies ended up partnering with a lesbian and a stoner.

8/29 4:33 P.M.: - A good starting point for integrating Livejournal + Twitter with acceptable password hygiene.

8/29 4:35 P.M.: Twitter allows you 140 characters per 'tweet' (update). I seem to be very good at exactly hitting the cap. This marks four times in a row.

(Yes, I set up a Twitter account. Let me know if you're there. However, I don't really plan to use it for much of anything beyound an excuse to post stray thoughts to Livejournal. This will continue to be my journaling space.)