October 23rd, 2008

startledcat is startled

i can has lj bug?

Am I the only one who is seeing this picture:


... as an icon of the Mystery Machine?

If I view the icon directly (such as by clicking on the link above), it comes up properly as the shadow-me-looking-over-the-ocean icon it's supposed to be, but every time it loads onto a page, it looks like this:

It's not a caching problem, because I've reloaded affected pages (and the affected icon) numerous times.

Edited to add: Via LJ support, where I submitted a ticket:
LiveJournal developers are aware that some users have been reporting problems with incorrect userpics displaying. If you are having any problems with the userpics displaying incorrectly, please clear your browser's cache. If this does not resolve the problem, please open a support request containing links to all the affected userpics. Please be assured that your userpics have not physically been replaced, nor does it mean that anyone has accessed your account.