November 3rd, 2008

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Anyone remember a year ago March, when Circuit City, in a breathtaking display of gross corporate bastardry, fired all their best workers and offered them their jobs back at lower pay rates?

So! Customers have decided to fire Circuit City.

They say you shouldn't say nothing about the dead unless it's good. He's dead. Good. -- Moms Mabley
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Election 2008: Dragon Endorsements [President/State]

Having finished a volunteer shift for our local congressional candidate -- at an office where, disturbingly, a severed goat head was left on the doorstep Friday night -- I thought I'd sit down and provide a little information about how I'm voting, and why. This is primarily going to be of interest to Californians, so I'll put the details below the fold. I'm also splitting local issues off into their own post.

Before I start: For those who want to do their own research, the League of Women Voters has excellent impartial analyses of California propositions (and your own state's measures) available. They also provide short pro and con statements for each of the measures, so you can hear the arguments on both sides in proper context.

Feel free to pass this on if you find it useful.


President: - Barack Obama. If by some strange aberration you are an American undecided voter as of Nov. 2 and have yet to form your opinion of the candidates, remember, details are below the LJ-cut.

Prop. 1A (high-speed rail bonds) - YES
Prop. 2 (farm animal standards) - YES
Prop. 3 (children's hospital bonds) - NO
Prop. 4 (abortion waiting periods) - NO
Prop. 5 (nonviolent drug offenses) - YES
Prop. 6 (law enforcement bonds) - NO
Prop. 7 (renewable energy generation) - NO
Prop. 8 (restrict marriage to opposite-sex couples) - NO NO NO NO NO
Prop. 9 (victims' rights law) - NO
Prop. 10 (Alternative Fuel Vehicles bonds) - NO (see notes!)
Prop. 11 (redistricting) - YES
Prop. 12 (veterans' bonds) - YES

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