November 21st, 2008

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Love and rockheads*

Here in California, even though the anti-gay Proposition 8 passed, the fight continues. The latest news is that the state Supreme Court will hear the petitions asking it to consider whether Prop 8 violated the procedure for changing the California Constitution.

Others are on top of this -- including maradydd, who has some legal analyses worth noting. She links in her latest post, though, to the amicus filings for the Prop 8 cases, and there's at least one in there that's a serious piece of work.

As a dragon myself, I'm predisposed to be sympathetic to people of strange spiritual belief. But strange only takes you so far. If you're going to believe something strange, be prepared to show your work. When you make logical connections, be sure the logic connects. When you make assumptions, be willing to cross-reference.

The lady from the Kingdom of Heaven [PDF] has not done this. You'd probably come to that conclusion simply from reading that she's the "heiress of the Almighty Eternal Creator," and "a co-creator of earth and human souls with the fully God nature of Messiah Jesus as revealed in the Holy Bible, Genesis 1:26-27." But let's be charitable and keep reading.

Unfortunately, it doesn't get better. It's hard to maintain even shreds of the massive credibility that claim requires when you can skim through the court filing and find quotes like this [p.35]:
God created human souls by changing the supernatural substance for creating bear souls, and He sent this soul into monkey wombs. In this way, bears did not grow long tails, long arms, and legs like a monkey. God then changed the supernatural substance for creating human souls, and He removed short tails, hair, and the shape of bears' faces and sent this design into bear wombs. At this stage, after birth, the natural bodies were not wholly human yet. During the process of growing up, the natural bodies were changing, and this led to the creation of humans on earth.

That's right: Humans are descended from apes via bears.***

Of course, this is the same document that claims the basis of God's prohibition against gay marriage is contained in Genesis 1:26-27 -- there seems to be an unhealthy obsession with that passage -- with the sentence "God blessed them, saying: Be fertile and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it" being interpreted as an order of paramount modern importance. Even spotting the author the Bible being the inerrant word of God -- which is like spotting Bush eight hundred million Hindus -- it seems pretty puzzling to claim that God's No. 1 priority for 2008 A.D. mankind is to go out and subdue the wild, untamed, dangerous, severely underpopulated Earth. I guess if we haven't finished the job of polar bear extinction yet, we must really be falling down on that fruitful multiplication thing.

I'll give her this, though. The sentence: [p.39]
[T]he Divine Queen's natural career as a life-insurance agent ended on April 7, 1994.

... would make one hell of an opening line for a novel.

* For the cultural cave-dwelling set among us: the reference.
** Also: It's a Prop 8 post, so I declare by fiat I get to use my "forbidden love" icon.
*** It should be noted that this is actually an idea that has shown up in various ancient eastern European mythologies. However, the eastern Europeans never to my knowledge tried to wedge bears into the primates; and the "heiress of God" grew up in southeast Asia anyway.