November 28th, 2008

generic lament

Legend of Hero: 009

ttustories offers a touching Thanksgiving special in its latest update: Premonitions: Act VII. ... Well, OK, not really, but the three friends do try to figure out Kevin's strange pendant.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone has had a nice November holiday, and has been able to dodge the newly omnipresent Christmas music.

I've been spending the time with family. This has been the Thanksgiving of the Walking Wounded for us. Sister Sarah went to the hospital with a violent fever; I'm still nursing a vicious cat bite; Kady cut her finger preparing the turkey; and sister-in-law Julie has been fighting off migraines all day. We're trying to deal anyway.

I should be home (to respond to e-mail and comments, etc.) Saturday. And then comes the final 7,000-word NaNoWriMo sprint ...