December 17th, 2008

take the FE line

Legend of Hero: 015-016

Tonight was Tuesday night -- when the local Go club meets in downtown Nevada City. I missed it again. Came home to help the AT&T tech try to fix our sporadically dying Internet connection, and sink my brain into writing.

I do miss Go, even if I feel like I don't have the bandwidth for it right now. It's become a hobby of one of my main characters, the scheming Shadow King, and I have an unfinished short story where he engages in a friendly game with a random theri while the Archon kibitzes with intent.

But I do have to admit it is nice to reclaim the time. Instead, I finished another short story that's been on the queue since October, one of the quicktakes from the requests thread. I figure I'll post it this weekend.

Speaking of posting stories! ttustories' Wednesday update will be slightly delayed; I can't save the most recent version to HTML from this computer. (Which is fine -- it gave me an excuse to post this instead.) And besides, if you haven't been manually checking that journal when its M/W/F updates come in, there's already new material for you there. In Hall of Heroes: Act III, our heroes finally meet some Shadowlands residents -- and run into some complications on their way home. Meanwhile, David's girlfriend stars in Crissy: Act I, trying to find out what's happening to her gaming buddies.

A thought occurred to me today that I thought I'd share. I'm reaching the age where a number of my friends seem to be refocusing their lives around child-rearing, and it's certainly something kadyg and I have discussed ourselves (even if there are no child plans on the horizon). There may be something to the whole "biological clock" after all.

And: The way my journal has shifted focus so dramatically in the last month or two to my writing is making me start to believe I'm being hit too. But in a different way. In a very real (if literal) sense, child-rearing is a creative process ... I just happen to be devoting that nurturing instinct to my muse instead.

Suits me fine. I'm better with ideas than with kids anyway, and I did commit to working on my writing this year.