December 3rd, 2009

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Readers Wanted: "The Time In Her Eye"

Earth as we know it is no more. It shattered like an eggshell into the darkness of unspace, and its surface fragments now float in a deadly void. The survivors huddled together, staying as far away from the edges as possible and rationing out their dwindling supplies of food. Then out from the void came a few people who had fallen in -- and instead of dying, gained a new form and the power to traverse the emptiness.

Dex* is a dragon, one of the lucky few to be transformed. For years he has kept the inhabitants of a small shard alive in the chaotic, unforgiving west. Then, one day, the helicopters arrive.

A continent away, an ambitious group of humans is reclaiming Earth from the Shatter -- one refugee at a time. New Florida doesn't seem to want shifters, but Dex* quietly slips in so he can remain with his wife. Then his instinct drives him to a discovery that changes his life forever -- and could pose a deadly threat to thousands of people and set a shattered world afire.

This is Dex's* story.

... At least it will be once it's fully edited. I wrote 30,000 words in November. Now I'd like a few brave, curious or simply bored volunteers from among my friends and regular readers.

What's in it for you: You get to read a story! This is its own reward (or punishment, depending on how you feel about my writing). Epic post-apocalyptic dragony goodness! Love! Lust! Action! Suspense! Mind-warping physics! And several interrobangs!

What's in it for me: The catch is, if you want to read you have to give me feedback to help me polish it. I've set the story up as a Google Doc that I'll share with interested friends. Leave comments on the story as you read (the commenting feature is already set up within the document and requires no technical knowledge). This doesn't have to be a big commitment -- there are six chapters; let's say six comments minimum -- but the more feedback you give me, the better I can make it when I sit down to edit.

To join in: Give me an e-mail address (this is important!) to send the Google Docs invitation to -- via a reply to this post, or an e-mail to the Tomorrowlands address in my profile. (If you already have a GMail or Google Docs account, give me that address and you won't need to do any extra logging in.) If you hate Google Docs with the passion of a thousand fiery suns, tell me and I'll give you a lower-tech alternative.

Comments are screened because I don't want to expose e-mail addresses to spammers. I will unscreen any comment not containing an address.

Thanks in advance!


UPDATE: I'm up to about 10 readers already, so I think I'll put new requests on hold for a bit as I do the rewrites suggested by the first batch. I'd still love volunteers -- you'll just have to be patient while I write the next draft, so you can tell me how TTIHE v1.1 reads without being influenced by this one.

* Name is likely to be changed in final version.