February 11th, 2010

gay for Garrus

Quick hits


Among fanfic writers (and in other less savory corners of the Internet), "gay for X" is the stock phrase to indicate that X's sexuality is so overpowering that their appeal reaches across gender lines (warning: TVTropes link) to a fan who doesn't normally swing that way.

... Hence the icon on my post.

If I may be allowed to squee for a moment -- Garrus' interspecies romance scenes in Mass Effect 2 (and I do, in fact, mean "romance": while not strictly SFW, there's no adult content) are hot. More than that, they seem custom-designed to push my buttons.

Partners of two different races, comfortable in their sexuality but awkward in their approach, taking their friendship to the next level with mutual trepidation but honest connection and a crowning moment of tenderness? (Special bonus video, h/t bossgoji: The doctor's advice on interspecies liaisons.) My lord. They couldn't have written anything sexier if I'd asked.

(Seriously, watch the Garrus romance -- click those links in order; total time ~6 minutes -- and then try to make it through one of the corresponding sequences where both of the participants are human. There's just no chemistry. You get to watch tastefully angled shots of two bodies procreating but, meh, there's no story to it, and if you just want to find porn there are far better places to look than a video game.)


I'm toying with the theory that the two songs bookending Lisa Loeb's album "Tails" -- It's Over and Stay -- are about the same relationship. "It's Over" (the first song) is when she decides to dump the guy because he is keeping her as a treasure rather than loving her as an equal; "Stay" (the last song) is about her ambivalent second thoughts as she's actually leaving -- as he tries desperately to convince her there's something there and she sticks to her guns with a tinge of regret. It's possible some (or all!) of the other songs on the album are about that relationship too, but those two stuck out the most strongly.

In other lyrical news, the last verse of the Barenaked Ladies song "Pinch Me" contains the following two lines:
I could hide out under there.
I just made you say "underwear."

I'm ashamed to admit that after about 5 years listening to the song I FINALLY JUST GOT THE JOKE. *facepalm*
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