February 16th, 2010

up up and away

Honestly, it wasn't that odd of a conversation for me

B: ... I would kind of prefer it if you put that out before getting in.
HH: Okay.
B: Sorry about all the mess.
HH: No, thanks for the ride. What's your name?
B: Bax.
HH: ... Man, what were your parents thinking to give you a name like that.
B: They didn't. It's a name I took myself. It's short for "Baxil."
HH: Interesting. What nationality is a name like "Bakh-heel"?
B: Dragon.
HH: ... ... How old are you?
B: 32.
HH: Ah, I'm older than you. I'm 48. On January 1 -- that's my birthday -- I turned 48, and you want to know what else, on the 1st?
B: Huh, what?
HH: Three years sober.
B: Congratulations!

B: So are you heading to the AA meeting?
HH: Hmm?
B: Well, you're getting off right at the Brunswick exit, and I actually picked a guy up two weeks ago headed there, I drove him to AA --
HH: Oh, I know the one you're talking about.
B: Yeah.
HH: But no. I don't do AA. Nothing against them, but they -- you know, they don't believe in medications.* I'm bipolar. I take pills for that, they help me control the worst of it.
B: ... ... Well, you know, whatever helps.

I helped him buy food** by giving him $5. As strange as my beliefs are to most folk ... there's being strange, and then there's needing help. Responding to that is one of the most human*** things we can do.


EDITED TO ADD: Apropos of nothing but two keywords in my post: The webcomic Jezebel and the Bipolar Dragon.

* Author's note: Web research shows that they're more nuanced than he stated.
** I have no assurance of this, but the usual rejoinder ("It's spent on booze or drugs!") is both insulting and not necessarily accurate (see table 3 and its discussion in particular).
*** +e