June 21st, 2010

hiking - standing tall

My favorite holiday

Happy summer solstice!* Would you like to know what I did to celebrate it? I wore three layers of clothing and a fleece hat all day.

No, this isn't another weather complaint ... thank goodness. After my rant, Ma Nature took pity on me, and the sky out here in the California foothills broke open into glorious summer blue. However, since I work at a small ISP, and we have to keep our office heavily refrigerated for the benefit of the servers ... 8+ hours of the day, if I try to dress for the weather I'm miserable and shivering.

Speaking of clothing, though, I figured that now would be an opportune time** to offer a preliminary shot of the much-rumored BayCon impulse purchase:

A Renaissance dragon

This is the first time I've bought anything over $100 without significant pre-budgeting in ... well, a very long time. I think what sealed the deal was having a passing nine-year-old girl squeal in delight while I was trying it on and ask to take a picture of my awesome costume. It's like I was made to fit into it.

(Edited to add: Found the business card! Pendragon Costumes is responsible for this moment of awesome.)

And as long as I'm clearing off the digital camera, here's a sample of the way my brain likes to think outside the box when presented with a set of constrained inputs:

Magnetic poetry abuse

Imagine what this therianthrope could do with a set of LOLMagnetz.

Today's nutty trivia: Did you know that modern American adults are about equally likely to be: in a nuclear family; in a childless marriage; single (living with no other family); or "other"? That melted my brain. I would have guessed nuclear families were far more overrepresented than they really are.

* For those of you in the northern hemisphere. The rest of you can take some consolation in the fact that your days will only be getting longer from here.
** Baxil-to-English translation: "I got off my butt and downloaded 6 months of photos from my camera."