August 1st, 2010

hiking - standing tall

Sierra Buttes trip pics

Deer Lake and Sierra Buttes

As I've already mentioned here, in less than a week I'm going to be taking off for Washington to hike the Wonderland Trail (and visit friends). Two weeks ago, our Wonderland crew did a shake-out run here in the Sierra Nevada. It also doubled as a birthday trip (keeping up my fine and noble tradition of hurtling myself up mountains to celebrate growing older).

Lessons learned on the trip:
  • My old PCT habit of very aggressively applying sunscreen to joints: Good. My new twist of "forgetting to apply it to the rest of my arms": Bad.
  • With appropriate stretching (and turtling of downhills), my knees and shins can survive a day of aggressive climbing and descent and be ready to go for the next one. This is (hopefully) a good sign, because it was patellar tendonitis that stopped my last distance hike. However, I'll have to be more careful about my lower back.
  • The maps lie like sodium hydroxide.
  • The people who put mileage on trail signs lie like politicians. That brisk two-hour hike on a gentle downhill slope was NOT "1½ miles". Even the map had it less wrong.
  • If you're going to take photos of your trip, you really ought to share them.

Anyway - about 48 hours until we start driving north! Time to share some beautiful wilderness and get back to my trip prep.

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