September 19th, 2010

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Racing the deadline on this one

So that teaser from a few days ago? Here's the game!* I was REALLY hoping to post this, like, two days ago. My sleep schedule has been pretty effed up this week.

Egregore** is a game about mages exiled from reality into a world of their own making, trying to discover the secrets of a deserted city before their own phantoms and emotions drive them over the edge.

(WARNING: This is a game about self-confrontation with inescapable inner demons. If that might be triggering, please feel free to give it a pass.)

--> Download Egregore (final Game Chef 2010 version) (~750kb PDF) <--

(Edited, 2010/09/19 3pm: Goals section complete; only the Scene rules to go.)
(Edited, 2010/09/"19" midnight+6 pm: Well, it's complete and in, and hopefully still qualifies on the "when I get up on the morning of the 20th" technicality. Even if not, I still wrote a game in a week! The contest is only for bragging rights anyway, so the fact I did it is the important thing.


* Egregore is, as I type this and drop to bed for a nap, in a not quite playable state. I need to get the meat of the actual gameplay rules down. Which we can all agree is a pretty shitty thing to leave for last, but in between procrastination and lengthy design hacking, it's mostly pinned.

What is finished is all of the game structure, including character generation, mechanics, overall play arc, setting (is the conceit of the game clear enough?) and story (which doubles as mechanics-free sample gameplay). Typesetting is, well, um, at least not a complete embarrassment, which meets the standards for a one-week game quite adequately.

At this point I don't expect there to be a great deal of time for productive feedback (it's due Sunday night), but if you happen to flip through it on Sunday, let me know if any of the (existing) rules are unclear, broken, or Way The Hell Too Long Jeez Bax You Could Trim Six Pages Off This Thing. I'll post a complete, revised version once it's written.

** Thanks to tangyabominy for the naming inspiration. :)