November 24th, 2010

barometric waffle linguists (pic by me)


I'm still alive here, though winter is kinda kicking my ass. We just passed through a week of snow, rain, and hail (in that order), and this morning it was so cold that there was a layer of ice on the inside of my windshield. This is a maddeningly frustrating experience, more so if you never grew up in a state that froze.

Broadly, I've been pulling back from socializing, but roleplaying has been a useful lifeline. The RPG I wrote, Egregore, didn't make the finals of Game Chef, but it was a useful exercise on a number of different levels. Egregore needs editing to refocus the game on its purpose - confronting and conquering the dreamworld on an emotional and narrative level - but I'm going to set it aside for a while, because I'd like to play a few of the finalists first. Thanksgiving weekend might be a nice opportunity for that.

Meanwhile, my ongoing Fireborn campaign has had enough concentrated moments of awesome that I've started posting the game quotes to rpg_quotes: Permission to Conquer; Death and Cockroaches. We're heading into what hopefully is the home stretch of the campaign - the PCs just averted World War III, and there are a few power-ups to collect and end-bosses to confront. I'm already starting to think about the next campaign I want to GM, and I'm increasingly of the opinion that I'm going to run a brief arc of Dogs In The Vineyard, as much for its collaborative play as for its narrativist appeal; trying to plot anything on the heels of my current campaign's intricate machinations would be a huge anticlimax, and a big burnout risk.

So I need to pick up a copy of the rulebook, which reminds me, I had a few requests to put up a Baxil Winter Holiday Gift Idea List, because I'm a damn hard person to shop for. (This isn't meant as any sort of hint - if you didn't ask me for this, it's not aimed at you.) I don't really need a lot of Stuff, and my luxury items are pretty cerebral, so when it came time to brainstorm it basically popped out as a list of "games I want to play/read/own."

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