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Hate for Yahoo growing

From the tech support files

[BACKGROUND: Our small ISP recently changed its name, and as a consequence a redirect got installed on the home page many of our users are used to to send them to the new site. This call occured on my first workday after the redirect goes live.]

CUSTOMER: I can't get to to do my webmail any more!
baxil: What happens when you try?
C: Other stuff comes up.
B: Like what?
C: Things like, ...
B: (panics, double-checks that isn't resolving to a site index listing, calms down slightly) Does what you're seeing look like a web page, or does it look like a list of things?
C: A list of things.
B: (tries to fish more information out, finally settles on:) And what did you do to get there?
C: I put in, and #1 comes up "vaccination information," then "wellwithin earth mysteries at" ...
B: Aaaaaah .... I see. (Goes to Google, types in '' and finds similar page of results) And do you see the listing at the top that says ""?
C: No, I don't.
B: Um, you must not be using Google then. What site does the search results that you're looking at?
C: Yahoo.
B: (sure enough, Yahoo doesn't have Spiral anywhere; its method of dealing with pages that return 301's is apparently to delete them entirely from its database) ... okay, well, there's not going to be a good way to get to our site from there. What I'm going to do is have you put the address into a different location that will take you straight to our home page. (walks her through putting it in Address Bar) See it now?
C: Yep, there's the new spiral page.
B: While you're there, click on the "Web Mail" link to get to the squirrel page and let's save you a little effort in the future.
C: Okay.
B: Alright, now go up to the Favorites menu ...
C: I see Bookmarks, no Favorites.
B: Okay, bookmarks. (... Even though MSIE's called it "Favorites" for three versions now?)
C: I clicked on it and now I'm at a Yahoo login page.
B: (wtf?) ... Wait, that wasn't it. Click on Back.
C: Okay, back to the squirrel.
B: (leads her through the painful process of describing the MSIE window, so we can confirm the "Bookmarks" she clicked on really was in the menu bar ... it was.) Okay, so, just click on the word "Bookmarks" and don't move the mouse yet. What comes up?
C: "Add Bookmarks," etc. (gives a menu listing)
B: Alright, click on "Add Bookmark."
C: I'm back at the Yahoo login page.
B: *headdesk* ... Alright, well, that's no use then. Yahoo has done something really craptastic with your browser, and I have no idea how to fix it. Sorry about that.
C: OK, thanks!
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