January 6th, 2011

distributed postmodern agitprop

Further Confusion

My planning for Further Confusion has historically been slipshod at best. About a week beforehand, I say, "Oh hey! There's this convention coming up that I enjoy! I should go!" and throw together my attendance in a mad whirlwind of activity. Usually this involves cashing in a bunch of accumulated con karma, wriggling into some arbitrary hotel arrangement, and striding through the door like I planned everything all along.

There's a reason for this (albeit not a great one). For years, FC has been my relaxacon, because I've spent each Baycon with my nose to the newsletter grindstone. (And after the year running FC's newsletter virtually as a one-man show, I banned myself from working it.) The thought of putting any advance effort into it has given me cold sweats.

This year, though, I dipped my toe back in the waters of sane scheduling. I bought my FC2011 membership at the last con. Months ago, I arranged a hotel room with Baphnedia. (Of course, it didn't feel right to make ALL the arrangements in advance ... so I still haven't talked to my boss about the time off yet. ;-p)

The upshot? I'm attending! I should have a spiffy new Baxil mask to show off (though the timeline on shipping will be a little tight), I'll bring my copy of Baron Munchausen (and a few other narrative-style RPGs), and I plan to spend the weekend engaging in haphazard acts of recreation with all my online peeps, dragon and otherwise.

Also, for once I can offer room space instead of request it - Baph and I are currently two people in an offsite hotel room (cheap, but within reasonable walking distance) slotted for up to 4. Is anyone on my friends list trying to scramble together con plans? If we fill the room up, bed space would be as cheap as $20/night.