January 11th, 2011

in my what killin my who? (art by eclect

Signal boost: Concerns about Otherkin TV show

Looks like someone is out there "casting a new [reality TV] show following members of the Otherkin community. The intent of the show is to educate and explore all things Otherkin, so we are seeking authentic members of the Otherkin community only, and all Species are welcome." There have been a lot of ads spammed to Otherkin groups, and I also received the casting call by email today (at the address listed in the Draconity FAQ).

There's been some discussion and research going on in various Otherkin fora - especially given the vague and kinda unprofessional nature of the first contact. The offer appears aboveboard, in the sense that the channel in question has confirmed the existence and legitimacy of the casting call.

But that doesn't mean that participating is a good idea.

If you're considering taking part, please read the link above and make sure you know the way the Reality TV machine works. (tl;dr: "These people are normal!" does not sell commercials.)

And consider the long-term consequences. If you do this, you will spend a long time being defined not by who you are, but by who you presented yourself as to the TV. (Or, more accurately, who the TV makes you appear to be.)

You'll be recognized for years as "Oh, yeah, that guy who was in that otherkin TV show." It will be a lot like getting a tattoo.
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