June 18th, 2011

speechlesscat is speechless

Shit has, as they say, gotten meta.

Hey, folks! Life goes on, and after a long week at work (and a scare with my car -- which was resolved by an unexpected act of generosity on my bosses' part), I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. And meanwhile, things have been more eventful than usual out in the land of:

[Ponies and Pegasi]

First of all, due to RL time concerns, bossgoji has withdrawn as player liaison/co-organizer for the D&D portion of the board. I would still like to make the Pony/D&D4e game occur, though; I've already ordered a 4th Edition PHB so I can chew through the rules conversion in my away-from-computer time (which will help a lot). I'll post a new timeline for game start on the board itself.

Assuming that the forum's not destroyed by a vengeful goddess in the meantime.

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