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It's time: Adult filter opt-in

I've started up an adult (aka sex and/or "Not Safe For Work") filter for my journal. This will strictly be on an opt-in basis, and opting in via poll or comment is all you have to do (n.b.: I make no guarantee to people not on my friends list).

No questions asked, whether you vote yes or no. Comments are screened (and will be left that way unless you request otherwise).

Poll #1076641 Adult filter membership

My adult posts, let me show you them!

Can has posts?
Do not want!
Invisible vote! (i.e., my comment will explain)

* What's said there stays there.* This goes for both my posts (unless I repost them elsewhere myself) and people's comments.
* Will contain NSFW content -- however, every post will be lj-cut to keep your friends page worksafe.
* I may still post (clearly labeled) links to NSFW content outside the filter, but I won't post any NSFW content out here.
* Will contain personal material and TMI. I'm really not a kinky guy, but it may still dramatically alter your view of me and mine; read at own risk.
* By signing up for the filter you certify to me that you are an adult and that reading about sex is not illegal. I'm not in this for the legal problems.

* Your intimate partner(s) specifically exempted. See comments.
Tags: adult filter, filter opt-in, sex

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