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I need some strange info

Do any of my readers work at Google, or know anyone who does, or know anyone who knows someone that does?

I need to know the IP block of their *outgoing* mail servers (specifically for Google Groups, but those mail servers probably cover their other services as well). We're running greylisting here at our ISP, and it's working fantastically -- but the delays it's causing to Google Groups e-mail notifications are giving one of our customers problems, so I want to preemptively whitelist their mail server IPs.

There's absolutely nothing relevant on their support pages (as might be expected). I can't get through to a live person at their corporate phone number. I just need a starting place.

(Comments to this post are screened in case you have a private phone number to give me. I'll update here if I can get things fixed.)

ETA: Possibly solved; see comments. (Fix time: 1/2 hour. I love the Internet.) Confirmation or further refinement would still be appreciated.
Tags: geekery, requests, work

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