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The triumphant return of the world's most irregularly updated webcomic!

I'm not participating in NaNoWriMo this year; I couldn't quite work up the enthusiasm to put absolutely everything else in my life on hiatus for a month. I thought for a while about whether I wanted to undertake a similar challenge, though. And one of the things that I promised myself I'd try during November was posting webcomics again.


[My Afternoon: A Dramatization]

[Graphical browser required toappreciate today's entry.]

Longtime readers may remember MAAD from my old journal (this isn't my journal, it's my LJ). If you want a quick refresher, links to all the previous comics are here.

I'd just like to note that this brings MAAD's Mean Time Between Updates to 0.99 years/strip. However, it also drops my lifetime cliche average to merely 20%. I'll have to remedy this by writing some more webcomic cliches into my life.

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