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Your pointless statistic of the day

[IMAGE: Baxil's mood frequencies]

KEY: Mood icon of post fell in general category of:
:-) - Happy; positive outlook on life. E.g. "touched," "excited," "amused," "impressed."
:-( - Upset; negative outlook on life. E.g. "nervous," "scared," "sad," "angry," "cynical."
:-/ - Blank; drained of emotion or distracted. E.g. "listless," "hungry," "busy," "bored."
|-o - Tired; affected by sleep or lack thereof. E.g. "exhausted," "sleepy," "insomniac," "awake."
%*( - Sick; suffering from physical illness. E.g. "sore," "nauseated," "sick."
:-. - Contemplative; introspective. E.g. "thoughtful," "nostalgic," "contemplative."

(Custom moods were filed in nearest category. Posts with no listed mood were not counted. Ambiguous moods (e.g. "weird," "geeky") were filed under :). Figures may vary from reproducible results due to differing access to subject's friends-only entries. Current post not counted.)

... I wonder now what other people's graphs would look like.

(ADDITIONAL: See comments for special offer (TM).)


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