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There's hope for the media yet

Tomorrowlands is still down. No ETA yet on server return, although work seems to be progressing.

In other news -- those of you who didn't first meet me through the dragon community may have heard some pretty outrageous things about "furries." There's a persistent and idiotic media myth -- and an accompanying Internet meme -- that "furry" is a sexual fetish and "furry conventions" are giant orgies of people in animal suits. To be blunt, this is not true. If you've never been to a furry con, please take five minutes and read through this article.

The author went undercover to a con, having been lured in by their lurid reputation ... and then did something unexpected and uplifting: she reported what actually occurred, instead of desperately casting about for the worst examples she could find in order to confirm her preconceptions.

I have been to dozens of furry cons and sci-fi cons. I have a long history of volunteering for both. I can confirm that the reporter's experiences were accurate (and that she captures many little details -- such as the Dance Dance Revolution machines and the chill of the headless rooms -- that show she was paying attention). The notes she makes about the contrasts between furry and sci-fi cons are largely accurate, as well, and it makes me suspect she has a history of prior con attendance.

If you've ever considered attending a furry con but balked due to their reputation, give this article a hard read as well. I wholeheartedly recommend the experience. For many of us, cons are the best (or only) chance we have to connect F2F with our online friends, and that alone makes it worth the investment.
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