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Damn you all for being so quiet.

Alright. I know that everyone's still recovering from the holidays and all, but this is just too much. Or, rather, too little. It's quiet; too quiet. My friends page has been thin for several weeks now; traffic on my site forums has dried up; my mailbox has gone nearly silent. With all those gone, it's like I'm getting free time again. I can't have that. It would ruin my reputation as the too-perpetually-busy-to-respond-to-anyone guy.

So I'm going to resurrect an old meme. Congratulations! You, as a reader of my livejournal (this isn't my journal, it's my LJ), have just won the opportunity to ask me one question, to which I will respond as honestly and completely as ability and time permit.

When I've seen other people do this before, they've provided a poll-thing for it so that the questions could be submitted semi-anonymously. However, I'm not actually a paid member (hint, hint to anyone who wants to get me a late Christmas present!), so you're just going to have to do it the old-fashioned way and leave a comment.

Some questions may be responded to in a separate, friends-locked post, but all questions will be answered.

EDIT (1-6-03, 3:03 a.m.): Never mind that bit two paragraphs up; account has been upgraded, and questions can now be submitted via handy poll-thing. All questions asked this way will be considered anonymous -- I'm the only one who knows your identity, and I'll keep it that way.

SECOND EDIT: Oh, yeah. I can only add polls to new journal entries. Alright; at the risk of spamming people's friends lists, I'll do that. Apologies.

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