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Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes's annual questions are always fascinating reading -- essays on simple but profound topics from luminaries throughout the intellectual sphere. This year's question is no less interesting:

What have you changed your mind about? Why?*

(n.b.: The page design sucks. I know I'm hardly one to speak, but it's egregious. After they list the question, they go through about a dozen screen lengths of trackbacks and advertising before getting to the content -- the index of answer summaries and links.)

I'll link in particular to "imagination is real," which scores a bulls-eye, but all of the essays are great. Be prepared for an hour or two of skimming.

And allow me to judo the topic a bit. This is a dangerous question -- one with the potential to bring trolls out of the woodwork -- but you guys are awesome and I'm confident I can get some thoughtful responses:

What SHOULD I (Baxil) change my mind about?

This is a serious question. If a topic's important enough for you to wish I thought differently, I'd like to know why. Give me a glimpse into the other side.

No guarantees that this thread will cause any epiphanies -- but I can promise that all (non-troll) comments will be taken seriously and any supporting links will be read with an open mind. I don't want to turn this into a debate -- I will make no rebuttals, and I'd prefer if you guys refrained from jumping on each other -- but I do reserve the right to explain why I am on my side of the issue (just like you should) if my opinions are firm.

Anonymous comments are enabled.***

* **
** This footnote unintentionally left blank. (I fell asleep last night while thinking how I'd answer the question.) Marriage, for one; I never thought I'd find myself married, much less happily.
*** As always. But you have to point it out for threads like this. It's like a presidential candidate being tough on crime or kind to children; saying it means nothing, but if you don't say it people start to wonder.

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