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Being poor and eating well

After work tonight, I came home with an organic zucchini to feed Boing for the next three days. It cost me $1.45, which emptied my wallet* and got me to thinking.

  [Baxil] [Boing] [Boy]
Diet Boxed pasta, chili, frozen pizzas, ramen Organic zucchini Staples from international relief efforts
Daily food costs (actual) ~$5.00 $0.48 ~$0.50[1]
Weight 86 kg 0.2 kg ~15 kg
DAILY FOOD COSTS (weight-adjusted**) $5.00 $206.40 (!) $2.75

... Boing, you're lucky you're so damn cute.

* Literally; I was eight cents short and had to cash in some serious penny-jar karma. I'm awfully broke this month. The forced time off during the holidays destroyed our income, and vet bills plus what little gift shopping we did destroyed our budget.
** Normalized to 86 kg so as to allow direct comparison.
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