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Rabbit Hole Day sure got cold.

Per ceruleanst's suggestion to go do something fantastic for Rabbit Hole Day rather than make it up ... I went and had me a good old-fashioned style AdventureTM with roaminrob this weekend.

We gathered our adventuring gear, hiked out into the wilderness, rolled on Random Encounter Table 12A ("Snowy Terrain"), and no sooner had I pulled some nifty +1 sword out of a big drift than ...

Lurching snow zombies
Snow zombies!

(*hack hack hack*)


(*hack hack cough*)

Snow gryphons!
Snow gryphons!

(*flee flee flee*[1])

As far as actual scenery, we did get one great panorama before a storm blew in and everything went white-out. Found plenty to take pictures of anyway, and it was a lot of fun. For the full lineup of trip pictures, click on the smiley.

Snow smiley!

Also, new usericon.

[1] What, you want we should have attacked these? We're like level 3!
Tags: hiking, multimedia

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