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Terbo watch

The continuing saga of local political candidate Ted Terbolizard:

In one of those bizarre the-Internet-is-three-clicks-wide moments, I just stumbled across this post at the wtf_inc community. Shorter wtf_inc: "omg turbo lizard hahahahaha."

(Nothing that your humble author didn't make note of four days beforehand.* Although to be fair, if your only interest in the candidate is his name, my original post was teal deer.)

Apparently word got back to the candidate himself; Terbo e-mailed the instigator and, oddly, put a link to the wtf_inc treatment over in the "Recent Interest" section of his campaign website. I guess it's true -- in politics, any publicity is good publicity.

EDITED TO ADD: The candidate himself -- terbolizard -- drops by in comments. Hi, Ted! :-) Also, a good profile from the local paper.

* And now I find myself wondering -- based only on the timing -- if the wtf crowd originally picked it up from my journal. If the person who first posted that is from District 4 as they say, then they would have had any number of other exposure vectors ... but I still wonder. To the best of my knowledge, it's been a few years since the drama hamsters made a big deal of me, but the twitch reflex still occasionally surfaces.
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