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chutzpah, n.

Received on the job yesterday (highlighting mine):

[Scan of a junk fax, with closeup on the legalese.]

Allow me to translate into LOLcat for those of you screaming "Teal Deer":

give me moar, i must line my litterbox

I can think of three circumstances that might explain this:
  1. FCC and/or market regulations actually require this level of honesty. Cool!
  2. The sender has spent $33,000 to openly mock the people he wants to lure into his scam. And it'll work anyway, resulting in a net transfer of wealth from stupid to smart. Cool!*
  3. The sender still has a conscience and can be saved. Cool!

So, no matter how you look at it, this junk fax is filled with win.

* I'm a populist at heart. But let's be realistic: We'll never eliminate inequality in the world. And if there's got to be inequality, why not embed it in an actual meritocracy for once?
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