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A little good news for your weekend

It turns out that, among the teenage generation of Internet users, almost twice as many girls as boys author a blog or have a Web page.

This is one of the most heartening pieces of news I've seen on the tech front in years. I doubt that the gender expectation gap will fully disappear within my lifetime, but as online demographics change, attitudes will have no choice but to follow. It's already long past time for the "girls can't be tech-smart" attitude to die.

Also, in other news, cats protect you from heart disease.* 'Strue. They did a study.

I see the future, and it is full of women. And cats.

* Technically, not quite true -- being a cat owner is correlated with a 30-40% lower probability of death by cardiovascular disease. Correlation doesn't necessarily equal causation. Although I'm at a loss to figure what else could be a mutual factor here.**
** Well, okay: the amount of exercise required to ( pull claw-deployed cats off of furniture | save carpets from cat barf | chase down cats who don't want to go to the vet | stop them from going to bed on your face | bring them back indoors when they escape into the rain ) might possibly be it.

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