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Note on the run

If anyone's wondering about my recent silence -- I'm temporarily back at my old newspaper job (one of their paginators left and they need some fill-in work). It's good money, but since it doesn't reduce my other obligations, it's job No. 3 and brings me up to about 65 hours/week. I'm currently on Day 12 of what was meant to be a 19-day streak with no days less than 8 hours on the clock; turns out the paper needs me for longer than I expected, and without some emergency schedule rearrangement that's going to be over a month.

My entire social life is basically on hold until at least mid-April.

I would, however, like to wish Lovely Wife kadyg my warmest congratulations for finishing classes today. She has now started her externship, and when that finishes in June she will be able to come home and officially call herself a chef.

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