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Last weekend, we had a little incident with our clothes washer. By "incident," I mean "flood." And by "little," I mean "half the kitchen and living room, and also through the walls so that both our next-door and downstairs neighbors had to mop up too."

Anyway, I am given to understand that it was unpleasant. I was on my Work Schedule From Heck at the time, so I first found out about it by calling kadyg during the middle of the mopping up. At which point I promptly freaked out and almost didn't make deadline with the night's layout. "Half the living room," it should be belatedly mentioned, included my computer desk.

Most of our books, papers and gear were safely up on desktops or bookshelves. However, the battery backup-qua-surge protector that powered basically everything on that side of the room was happily sitting in a quarter-inch of water by the time Kady and Rob ran out to the living room to take in the disaster.

It was promptly unplugged (and confirmed waterlogged). But I had no immediate way of knowing whether it had shorted out and taken out the half-dozen devices plugged into it.

Kady managed to plug in my monitor and watch it blink to life. An optimistic sign. My lovely, 12.5-month-old Mac Mini, on the other hand, wasn't booting.

Literally. About a week out of warranty coverage.

Got home to find out that this is because its power brick was also sitting on the floor next to the UPS. Picked it up and it dripped.

The good news, as I discovered about 36 hours later, is that when I took my computer in to work and plugged it into a known-good power brick there (my tech support job uses Mac Minis for our work computers as well; that's what convinced me to get one), it worked fine. Bad news is that, having spent the better part of a week drying out my power brick, it still isn't transmitting power to my Mini. Chances are high that I'll have to throw the brick away and buy a new one.

Is there a word that is an exact antonym of "silver lining"? I know I'm feeling tremendously lucky right now that I don't have to replace a $600 computer (and data that hadn't been backed up in months), but somehow I'm still annoyed over the much smaller expense of the bits that did blow out.*

Edited to add: Apple Discussions thread.

* Total damages: $50 brick, $35 UPS (it's making some death click when plugged in now -- after the same full week of drying out), $50 DSL modem (but we swiped an old spare from work), one $3 DSL filter, several man-hours of mopping, and a modest amount of landlord goodwill. Apparently the UPS had the good grace to ground as it shorted. (Come to think of it, I think the printer power brick was down there as well -- I should check it. But it cost us less than $100, if it comes to that.)
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