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Another step forward

California high court stands up for marriage rights for all. Congratulations to my many in-state gay and lesbian friends*! Time to start the 30-day countdown for your marriage certificates ...

February 16, 2004
This is one that hits close to home for me, too, because it was gay marriage that led to my (heterosexual) marriage with kadyg. No, seriously: Our first date was passing out candy and flowers to the wedding parties in San Francisco as same-sex couples lined up for marriage licenses on Valentine's Day weekend, 2004. Turned out to be a pretty good omen, although it took us a year and a half to realize it and give in.

Next up will be the fight against the state constitutional amendment. It'll be a bumpy ride. Its predecessor Proposition 22** captured 61 percent of the vote in 2000, and as far as I can tell, the amendment only needs a 50 percent majority despite its more dramatic effects.

Here's to hoping eight years -- and the complete disintegration of the national GOP -- makes an 11-point difference. As I've observed, gay marriage has the weight of history behind it, but in the short term it remains to be seen how much the American public can be persuaded to value compassion over tradition.

* And coworkers. And boss. :)
** Or the "Knight Initiative," named after its primary sponsor, Sen. Pete Knight -- who disowned his son over the issue. And then died. It's uncertain whether they ever reconciled.
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