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Political news

Oh, and also: Just in case you didn't hear -- I know, it's easy to miss these things -- Barack Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee.

Which makes it all the more important to file this David Brooks gaffe away in your brain, close to the top. Lock and load, and be ready to fire some savage mockery at a moment's notice when the inevitable attacks about Obama being "elitist," "out of touch," "not folksy," etc., come up.

Because it's been a standard canard of the right and their witless concern trolls in the mainstream media for literally decades now. It's long past time to bury the idea that someone Democrats who dare to show any intellectualism are "too good" to be president, or insufficiently manly, or otherwise deficient in character.

So please, do this nation a favor. The next time -- hell, every time -- that some well-dressed and highly paid pundit gets a bug up their ass about Barack not being the salt of the earth, roll your eyes, and loudly and sarcastically announce:

"I know! Obama's never going to fit in at all of those Applebee's salad bars."

I recommend adding the hyperlink, too. Though how to insert one into a voice monologue is left as an exercise to the reader.*

* Hint: It does NOT involve speaking the words "bracket aey aitch-ref equals ..."
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